Holiday cloth use guide

  • You won’t ruin your nappies if they are not washed perfectly!
  • If you are camping, opt for flats and covers which can be hand washed and will dry easily.
  • If possible, do a daily pre wash cycle in hot (60°C) water. If you can’t, Sanitise your nappies after, that will remove any smells and stains.
  • If you are using someone else’s machine and are worried about washing nappies in it, remove as much poo as possible prior and either use chlorine bleach in the main wash to Sanitise it, using the appropriate option listed on the sanitise tables or clean the machine after.

Using a different machine and wash cycles

If you need to use a different machine, see the Machine Index for pre wash and main wash cycles suggestions. The Wash Routine BasicsFront LoaderTop LoaderHE Top Loader pages outline wash routine advice and provide videos of loading.

Check the suds level, see the Front Loader Routine page for more information on what is too much or not enough.Increasing temperature and/or time of your pre and main wash cycles, read the Hot vs Cold Water page for more information on why heat is important when washing your nappies and laundry in general.


Use whatever is convenient, a wetbag or bucket is fine.

Only cold water is available

That is ok, either bucket in hot water (see the Top Loader Units), or you can add chlorine bleach to each cycle, see the Sanitise pages for quantities.

Different Detergent

If you don’t have access to your usual detergent, or need to use a different brand, there are lots of options listed on the Detergent Index with quantities for pre and main wash.

If you need to use a detergent which isn’t listed on the Detergent Index, wash in hot (60°C) and use enough to creates adequate suds. Check the suds level one third of the way through the cycle and add more if necessary.

Don’t DIY, it doesn’t work unless you’re happy to scrub flats on a washboard.

Smells or stains

To get rid of stains and smells see the Sanitise pages for methods and advice.

Smells indicate your items are not getting washed well, check out the Why do my nappies smell? for more advice on what to do.

If you are getting stains, check the Why am I getting stains page for more information.

Enjoy your holiday break 🙂

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