Unsure how modern cloth nappies work, or how many nappies to buy? Start here!

Cloth wipes

Cloth wipes are easy to use and save you money. Use cloth wipes in conjunction with cloth nappies and wash them together.

New nappies

Wash new nappies once before use. They can be added to other laundry, ideally white or light coloured items to prevent picking up colour run.

Cloth Nappy Hire

Cloth hire is a great way to try a variety of cloth nappies before investing money into an endeavour that…

Cloth for newborns

There are two main options when using cloth nappies for newborns; prefolds/flats with a cover and sized newborn nappies, below outlines the pros and cons of each.

Wash routine basics (UK)

Creating a great wash routine is easy. We are the experts and have optimised and simplified the process!

Why do my cloth nappies smell?

Not using enough detergent, washing in cold water, over and underloading your washing machine can all lead to smelly cloth nappies.

Adding absorbency to cloth nappies

If more absorbency is needed, here are some options. Cotton flats, prefolds, muslin cloth, trifolds, tea towels, face washes. These…

How to fit cloth nappies

How to fit and adjust cloth nappies. There are many ways to use and fit cloth nappies, depending on the…

Why are my cloth nappies leaking?

The most common causes of leaks in modern cloth nappies are incorrect fit and lack of absorption. We outline common causes and easy solutions to prevent cloth nappy leaks.

Front Loader Wash Routine

Front loaders use less water, have longer cycles than traditional top loaders and most heat their own water.

Caring for wool covers

Wool covers are amazing, versatile items and only require periodic washes. Wool covers can be used over any fitted nappy during day or night.