New sanitise format!

We understand how sometimes it’s a bit difficult to work out which option to choose, so we have changed things up a bit. We’d like to introduce the new format which consolidates our Sanitise method into two pages: Chlorine Bleach Sanitise and Heat Sanitise.

What’s new?

The pages for Small Scale, Front Loader and Top Loader methods have been combined into two new pages.

The new Chlorine Bleach Sanitise page combines the Front Loader, Top Loader and Small Scale pages, consolidating the sanitise calculators.

The new Heat Sanitise page outlines what can and can’t be washed using 90/95⁰C cycle.

There are quick reference tables for suitability by fabric and for suitability by application, where you can cross check options. We have also included information about fabrics.

We hope these changes make it easier for you to find suitable options, making the information more streamline and user friendly 🙂

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