New sanitise format!

We understand how sometimes it’s a bit difficult to work out which option to choose, so we have changed things up a bit. We’d like to introduce the new format which consolidates our Sanitise method into two pages: Chlorine Bleach Sanitise and Heat Sanitise.

What’s new?

The pages for Small Scale, Front Loader and Top Loader methods have been combined into two new pages.

  • The Chlorine Bleach Sanitise page combines the Front Loader, Top Loader and Small Scale pages, consolidating the sanitise calculators.
    • There are 23, 26 now 31 different options to choose from!
  • The Heat Sanitise page outlines what can and can’t be washed using 90/95⁰C cycle.

There are quick reference tables for suitability by fabric and for suitability by application, where you can cross-check options.

We hope these changes make it easier for you to find suitable options, making the information more streamlined and user-friendly 🙂

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