About Us

Our mission is to encourage people to try cloth nappies and make the journey as easy and successful as possible. We are an education resource and encourage best practise based on our advice.

We provide extensively tested general cloth use advice, from those who have been using cloth nappies successfully for years and years. Our laundry and environmental information is developed by scientists who are experts in their fields, based on the fundamentals of Chemistry, Microbiology and other relevant disciplines. All our information and research can be found on this website.

Our Facebook Group is the largest cloth nappy group in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. In this group the dedicated volunteer admin team help people by answering their questions and troubleshooting problems. We also have a Facebook page and Instagram account.

How we operate our Facebook Group

• Our ethos is to teach best practise and prevent the spread of misinformation, because of this we operate under a moderation model in our Facebook Group. A member of our admin team will approve, answer and moderate your post. We also moderate each post for general online conduct and behaviour. We work with Facebook in optimising and improving group functionality, as well as combating misinformation online.

• All posts submitted in our Facebook Group go to a pending list. Before posting a question, please search the website and group for the answer to your questions first.

• Because of our popularity, we have a very high volume of posts. The admin team are volunteers who have families and other commitments, so your post may not be approved immediately.

• Please read our Facebook Group rules, and respect them, they are in place for a reason.

• We encourage all members to become a website subscriber to support our work. The Annual and Monthly digital website Membership subscriptions provide you with unlimited access to the following Member only website pages- Customisable Wash Routine TemplateDetergent Index (AU/NZ/UK) and Sanitise information (AU/NZ/UK). See the Announcements for more information.

• Please respect our intellectual property rights and copyright laws. Upon joining our group, and accessing our website you agree to our Terms of Service.

• For information about advertising and our Endorsement Program please email admin@cleanclothnappies.com