Businesses We Endorse

What products and fabrics are durable, and will withstand Clean Cloth Nappies washing recommendations?

What retailer, hire or laundering business provides excellent service and meets regulatory practises?

Our Endorsement program criteria means:

  • the product passed extensive testing, it is made of high quality materials which are durable and will last
  • the retailer provides excellent customer service
  • the hire or laundering service meets the appropriate hygiene regulations and practises

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Endorsed by Clean Cloth Nappies

Who do we endorse

Designer Bums

Designer Bums sell a range of products in beautiful limited edition prints, made from excellent quality materials.
An Australian owned business, manufacturing ethically overseas.

Bare and Boho

Bare and Boho are a cloth nappies for the minimalists, with a wipeable shell and snap in snap out insert system.
Making beautiful, excellent quality products with a focus on cruelty- free and conscious living.

Stork Linen Service

Stork Linen Service have been operating in South Australia for 30 years. They provide, deliver and launder terry towelling nappies, for domestic use and large scale childcare use. Gift vouchers are available and are an excellent environmentally sustainable baby shower gift. Laundering is done in industrial machines.
Contact Sandeep ph: 0450997934

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