Detergent Index

In light of new science, the Detergent Index, as well as our general detergent information is undergoing revision. 

The Detergent Index provides information on various detergents, including popular brands such as OMO, Radiant, ecostore, Cold Power, Persil (NZ), Persil bio (UK), Ariel as well as less common ones available.
The indexes outline how much detergent to use for both the pre and main wash cycles, the temperature that the detergent works best, if it is suitable for front or high efficiency top loaders and admin trial comments.

Click here to view the Detergent Index for Australia and New Zealand.

Click here to view the Detergent Index for the UK.

See the UK Detergent Information page for more information on how to work out how much detergent to use for both pre and main wash cycles.


Detergent selection guide (March 2018)