Detergent Index

The Clean Cloth Nappies Detergent Indexes provide information on a range of detergents, including popular brands such as OMO, Radiant, ecostore, Cold Power, Persil (NZ), Ariel (UK), as well as less common ones.

The indexes outline how much detergent to use for both the pre and main wash cycles, the temperature that the detergent works best, if it is suitable for front or high efficiency top loaders and admin trial comments.

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Our aim and our expectation is that the items come out of the main wash cycle, in an ‘as new’ condition, ie. no smells or staining at all, after every wash. If the laundry has sat in the machine overnight or for a day, it should smell completely clean when removed.

How much detergent to use

Quantities are based on 7.5kg capacity front loader washing machines. For larger machines, increase detergent quantity by 1/4 of a scoop/lid per kg.

If you are in the UK, the UK Detergent Information page has more information on how to work out how much detergent to use for both pre and main wash cycles.