We will teach you how to wash cloth nappies and diapers, and keep them clean. Our advice is developed and tested by qualified chemists and professionals.

Water hardness

Water often has minerals dissolved in it. The higher the amount of dissolved minerals, the harder the water is.  Understanding…

Washing only a few nappies

When the number of soiled nappies reduces (eg. during toilet training), the nappy can be hand washed in hot water…

Ammonia and cloth nappies

Ammonia in nappies causes redness, burns, discomfort and pain. It will also degrade nappy fabrics such as bamboo, hemp, cotton.

General laundry help

Usual laundry principles apply – time, temperature, agitation and enough great quality detergent. Spot cleaning may be necessary.

Excess suds in Front Loaders

Overview Suds are bubbles or froth normally produced during a wash cycle. Excess suds in the main wash however prevent…

Using essential oils with cloth wipes

We do not recommend using essential oils with cloth wipes. There is no way to conclusively know safe dosages, especially for pregnant or breastfeeding women, children and infants.

Colour Run

White items can become coloured as a result of washing with dark or coloured items. If this occurs use a…

Front Loader Wash Routine

Front loaders use less water, have longer cycles than traditional top loaders and most heat their own water.