General Laundry Help


Clean Cloth Nappies doesn’t have specific cleaning instructions for toys and non-nappy items. However, usual laundry principles apply – time, temperature, agitation and enough great quality detergent. Some items won’t take warm to hot washes and then you need to maximise the other tools – agitation, spot treatment – to get items clean. Some items need professional advice.

There is no need to strip items that aren’t nappies, stripping is done to remove ingrained soiling from multilayered fabric. A short soak in a Napisan type product that is suitable for the fabric type, prior to a warm-hot wash is sufficient. Non-nappy items don’t need to be sanitised as they haven’t come into contact with poo or pee.

To remove stains

Eg. food or dirt, try a Napisan/Vanish (or equivalent) soak then a good warm/hot wash.
Or Sard soap for anything that Napisan doesn’t budge (eg. sunscreen) followed by a good warm-hot wash.
For wool use Sunlight soap or Sard soap. See the Caring for Wool page for more information on washing wool.
For rust stains, these seem to be impossible to remove. Try the above methods, or hydrogen peroxide, or those on the OMO page. Do not use bleach (sodium hypochlorite) it will oxidise the stain, making it worse.

For smelly items

Eg. gym gear/work shirts, treat with Napisan as above and for regular laundering use warm/hot water and the same amount of detergent in the wash as for nappies.

For greasy items

Eg. work clothes, using enough detergent and a hot wash will keep them clean.

For mould removal

See the information on the Mould removal page and treat stains as above.

For makeup removal

Use an appropriate solvent stain remover (available in the laundry aisle at the supermarket) and a warm-hot wash (as much temperature as the fabric will tolerate). For makeup removal on towels, the sanitise cycle on a front loader with adequate detergent should remove any stains. Or use the stains method above in a top loader.

Dye run

See the information on the Colour Run page.


Remove covers and wash gently. A garden hose is helpful when rinsing.

Car Seats

Car seats are often made using fabric with flame retardant properties. Follow manufacturers advice for cleaning.