Treating and sanitising mouldy textiles


Mould can be effectively and safely removed from textiles using chlorine bleach or high heat. Salvaging mouldy items prevents landfill and saves money. Need to remove mould from a pram or stroller? We have a specialist method for cleaning and sanitising prams.

Remove mould from textiles with our chlorine bleach sanitise information.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Additional questions and answers for textiles and household objects.

Can I use this method to remove mould from a car seat cover?

We recommend you follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Please contact them for more information.

Some car seat covers contain a fire retardant coating. Treating car seat covers with bleach could compromise the structural integrity and fire retardant coating.

Can I use bleach to remove mould on a wooden toy or playpen?

No. Unfortunately mould is very difficult to remove completely from timber. You need to physically remove the mould by sanding the wood back and then reseal it so that it is air tight. This will prevent the mould from growing again.

Please note sanding risks the mould becoming airborne.

Will bleach fade my clothes?

Select the ‘Mould minor (non-colourfast fabrics)’ option to reduce the risk of fading. Ensure your items are fully submerged in the solution; you may lay a white towel on top of them while they are soaking.

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