General laundry

Stovetop Sanitise

Stovetop sanitising is appropriate for delicate items which need sanitising but cannot be put through high heat or chlorine bleach.

General laundry help

Usual laundry principles apply – time, temperature, agitation and enough great quality detergent. Spot cleaning may be necessary.

Excess suds in Front Loaders

Overview Suds are bubbles or froth normally produced during a wash cycle. Excess suds in the main wash however prevent…

Colour Run

White items can become coloured as a result of washing with dark or coloured items. If this occurs use a…

Hot water vs cold water

Hot water is the most effective way to remove soiling. Nappies are heavily soiled laundry, if soiling is not removed it…

How to remove mould

Chlorine bleach and 90/95°C degree front loader machine cycles remove mould. It is possible to remove mould spores and stains caused by mould