Plant Based, Sensitive & ‘Eco’ Detergents

Plant based, Sensitive and ‘Eco’ detergents can contain fewer surfactants overall than mainstream detergents. For this reason, in some situations increasing the quantity of detergent more than the usual amount recommended for a heavily soiled load is needed to achieve a great clean. Some work better with a laundry booster.

For best results use hot water (60 degrees C) for both the main and prewashes. See the Hot vs Cold Water page for more information on why.

Detergent quantities and recommended wash temperatures are detailed in our country specific Detergent Indexes.

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For more information on what is in detergents and the function of the raw materials see our information on Mainstream Detergents, Fragrance in Detergent, Enzymes and Optical Brighteners, and the WashWise information sheet on Laundry Detergent Ingredients.