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Cloth Nappy Detergents (UK)

Our comprehensive UK cloth nappy detergent index lists 40 different detergents available on the UK market.

Oxygen Bleach vs Chlorine Bleach

Oxygen bleach is one of the active ingredients in laundry boosters (for example vanish). Chlorine bleach is standard household bleach.

Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine bleach (standard household bleach) can remove minor stains, major stains, oxidise ammonia and sanitise against certain pathogens.


Separate fact from fiction and learn what use vinegar has with cloth nappy laundry.

Soapberries (aka Soap Nuts)

Soapberries or soap nuts come from the┬áSapindus mukorossi tree. They contain saponin,1 which is a glucoside with foaming characteristics, i.e….

Using essential oils with cloth wipes

We do not recommend using essential oils with cloth wipes. There is no way to conclusively know safe dosages, especially for pregnant or breastfeeding women, children and infants.

Cloth Nappy Detergent Index

Our favourite detergents and dosage recommendations are available to everyone. Our full list of detergents is available exclusively to our website members.

Mainstream Detergents

Most mainstream detergents can be used with any temperature water. We recommend washing in warm-hot water. Learn more about washing…

UK detergent information

Overview Detergents in the UK come with very specific dose amounts. This is because water hardness varies all over the…

Fragrance in Detergents

Overview Smell is subjective, some people dislike fragrance, some love fragrance. Fragrances are included in detergents to cover the smell…