Saved it! September

We love encouraging our members to be thoughtful, purposeful and creative. This month we asked our Clean Cloth Nappies Facebook group members to share their best saves. We’re calling it Saved it! September.

Member posts

Our members have already submitted some amazing saves. Here’s a roundup in case you missed them:

Do you have your own Saved it! post?

Creativity is encouraged! Sharing ideas in our community allows others to save things they may not have thought of, and gives them confidence to try themselves.

Your Saved it! post doesn’t have to be related to cloth nappies and it doesn’t have to be only from this month. It can be something from last year, 5 years ago, from today or something you do tomorrow.

Submit your saves to the Clean Cloth Nappies Facebook group as a new post and tag it as #saveditseptember.

We will add the most popular posts to a poll at the end of the month, and group members will vote on the top save!