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Bosch Front Loader

Common models: Serie 4Serie 6Serie 8

Pre wash: Cottons (speed perfect on)Mixed (eco off)

Main wash: Cottons (speed perfect off)

Avoid: Super Quick 15


i-DOS automatic dosing system is not recommended for nappy washes.

Bosch website

Fisher & Paykel Front Loader

Common models: FabricSmartQuickSmartWashSmart

Pre wash: Quick 30Everyday (60 min)

Main wash: Cottons

Avoid: Super Quick 15Heavy


Very reliable, common machine.

Fisher & Paykel website

Fisher & Paykel Top Loader

Common models: QuickSmart

Pre wash: Heavy DutyAllergy

Main wash: Heavy DutyAllergy

Avoid: Regular/ Normal


Short cycles, very finicky. See Traditional Top Loader wash routine page for more details.

Fisher & Paykel website