Top-rated detergents for cloth nappies

Our favourite Australian and NZ detergents collated in one page. Find the best clean for your family.

The full Australian and New Zealand index contains 170 different detergents and is available exclusively to Clean Cloth Nappies website members with a current quarterly or annual subscription.

Recommended quantities for Australian and New Zealand detergents are based on 7.5kg capacity front loader washing machines. For larger machines, increase the detergent quantity by 25% per kg.

Top-rated UK detergents are listed separately.

Best clean

All AU/ NZ detergents

Low suds

These detergents work well in soft water.

All AU/ NZ detergents

Eco and plant-based detergents

Plant-based detergents. Most (but not all) require hot (60°C) washes.

All AU/ NZ detergents