Top-rated detergents for cloth nappies (UK)

Our favourite UK cloth nappy detergents collated in one page. Find the best clean for your family.

The full UK index contains 43 different detergents and is available exclusively to Clean Cloth Nappies website subscribers with a current quarterly or annual subscription.

Detergents in the UK come with very specific dose amounts. This is because water hardness varies all over the United Kingdom. View our UK detergent information to understand how to calculate the correct detergent dose for your pre and main wash cycles.

Top-rated Australian and New Zealand detergents are listed separately.

Best clean

Premium detergents that give a fantastic clean.

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Budget friendly

All UK detergents

No fragrance

Prefer detergent without fragrances? Here are our favourites. We recommend using hot (60°C) washes with these detergents.

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Smells great

All UK detergents