Using cloth with water restrictions

  • Use flats, they are easier to wash compared to multilayered inserts or AIO nappies. They are durable and can be sanitise as much as required. 
  • Use bath or shower water to do a thorough hand wash with detergent instead of a machine pre wash. 
  • Add nappies in with other clothing for main wash. 
  • Save the rinse water and recycle it for the first wash of the following cycle, or for hand washing. 
  • Choose a main cycle which uses the least amount of water.
  • Use chlorine bleach to santise as required. You may follow our Single Wash Protocol; see also the Sanitise™ page for more details.
  • Try elimination communication, it will reduce the number of nappies used. 
  • Front loaders use much less water than top loaders.
  • Prioritise, if there is simply not enough water to be able to justify using cloth nappies at certain stages, don’t use them, or use them part of the time. An alternative is using home compostable disposable nappies instead (eg Eenee disposables)

Routine with strict water restrictions

  • Thorough hand wash with detergent, with saved bath or shower water. 
  • Dilute bleach soak.
  • Through hand rinse or machine rinse.

    This routine may result in greater wear on modern cloth nappies, it is better suited to flats.