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Our website subscriptions grant access to valuable resources to make cloth nappying and laundry easier. We provide everything you need to know for cleaning cloth nappies, tried and proven by our experts and tens of thousands of users across the world. Our premium content not only saves you time, effort and energy, it helps you be more sustainable. Plus it supports our work!

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From $5.50/ month

  • AU/ NZ detergent index with 170 different detergents
  • UK detergent index with 40 different detergents
  • washing machine index with 58 different washing machines
  • chlorine bleach sanitise calculator with 24 different options
  • mouldy textiles bleach calculator
  • pram and strollers bleach calculator
  • 90/95°C heat sanitise method
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Take the stress out of picking a detergent. Save time figuring out what setting to use on your washing machine. Save money purchasing second-hand nappies and sanitise them so they are safe to use on your baby.

All this for less the cost of disposable nappies. Welcome to your stress free cloth nappy life!

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What our patrons say

Clean Cloth Nappies has changed the way I deal with my washing, beyond nappies.

On the nappy front: I purchased a full stash of second hand newborn cloth nappies, total ~ $300. After using the bleach sanitise table I was confident they were safe to use on my baby. That alone saved me well over $2000 on brand new nappies!

Beyond nappies: I have sanitised 3 incredibly dirty/mouldy second hand prams, saving well over $4000 on those (if buying new!)

My general washing has never been cleaner, I can confidently tackle any stain with ease.

Eloise – cloth nappy user of two years.

Clean Cloth Nappies has helped me understand the basic principles of washing. I can get stains out without scrubbing or soaking. Everything comes out clean, even when my budget has been extremely stretched and I’ve had to use subpar laundry detergent.

Renee – cloth user for over six years.

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