Storing cloth nappies for an extended period of time

Prior to storing nappies for an extended time, ensure they are clean and completely dry. There is no need to sanitise items prior to storage unless they are stained or smell.

Avoid storing in areas that are exposed to extreme heat or cold, moisture, pests or sunlight. No need to rewash prior to use again.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where is the best place to store nappies?

Store them somewhere dry and away from extreme temperature changes. 

Can I store nappies in vacuum seal bags?

Yes, the most important thing is that items are clean and dry before being packed away. Store the nappies where there won’t be many temperature fluctuations.

Should I wash or sanitise nappies after taking them out of storage?

No, if items are put away clean there is no need to sanitise them when you take them out of storage. There is no need to rewash them either.

Should I periodically wash the nappies while they are in storage?

No, laundry that’s been washed effectively will not require repeated washing.