Bleach calculator 2.0 is here!

Hello everyone!

We’ve been dropping hints about this for a few months, and it is finally here. We are pleased to unveil the biggest makeover to the Bleach Calculator since its inception. 

Welcome to Version 2.0: rebuilt from the ground up to guide you through sanitising cloth nappies and textiles. This is our best iteration yet. It is more intuitive, easier to use and provides more information where you need it. No more cross-referencing different tables, or reading different notes to see what fabric is and is not suitable.

Lately we’ve been promoting bleach in prewash in our Facebook group to help with cost of living pressures. The updated calculator makes this process more straightforward and a lot less confusing.

Thank you to our VIPs and the group admin team for providing feedback and testing during the development process.

Some feedback from early testers:

“It makes the process less scary for first timers. I was so anxious the first time I used the bleach sanitise table. This is amazingly welcoming and user friendly.”

“The explanations are great too.. just enough without being too wordy and scaring people with technical information.”

“Any easier and a person would pop out od the screen and do it for you.”

“Definitely make an already great tool even greaterer. I’ve used the current one a few times now, so am comfortable with it, but for a newbie this one is a lot more detailed which is a big plus.”

Quick facts:

  • The updated bleach calculator is available now on the Chlorine Bleach Sanitise, Mouldy Textiles and Sanitising Prams pages. 
  • This update is available to existing website subscribers and Patreon members.
  • Wash routine troubleshooting and support will continue in the group. We do not check if someone is a website subscriber or patron when answering posts.

If you don’t have a Patreon membership now is the perfect time to join. With your help, we can continue to support our team of group moderators, scientists, researchers, designers, and web developers to create amazing content and resources for you.

Check out version 2.0 now and let us know what you think!

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