Our latest resource: the Clean Cloth Nappies cloth nappy index

We are really excited to introduce our new website feature, the Cloth Nappy Index!

Our mission is to help people use cloth nappies successfully. Members tell us how confusing it can be to choose a product to use. The cloth nappy index was developed to demystify and simplify the nappy buying process.

We hope this resource saves you time and money by showing you options that work for your family.

You can search and filter, choosing size, absorbency level, and whether or not it is a pocket nappy. The index includes products sold in AU, NZ, the UK and US. Each entry includes;

  • brand,
  • absorbency level (based on the default option that comes with the nappy),
  • style (snap, velcro, removable or nonremovable absorbency, gusset),
  • recommended retail price (RRP),
  • business headquarters,
  • manufacturing location,
  • an overview of the weight range it is suitable for, and
  • reviews.

We hope you love it and it is helpful to those who want to try cloth nappies but don’t know where to start.

Suggest a product for us to review

We are currently populating the index with more products and additional information for the current entries.

Is there a product you would like us to test? Make a suggestion using the submission form below.

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