The new and improved Clean Cloth Nappies Sanitisation method is here!

We are really excited to announce our new Sanitisation information, it is 18 months in the making!

What has changed?

We no longer recommend ‘stripping’ cloth nappies. Our updated recommendation is bleach sanitisation followed by a wash to remove any remaining chlorine. There is now a range of chlorine bleach quantities to ensure they are effective for each individual application and problem, which has resulted in the advice and quantities being very different to what it was before.

Why is this new method better?

We made the Sanitisation methods more effective, easier and less resource-intensive. Each application has a chlorine bleach amount which is effective specifically for that problem. The previous quantities were generic and sometimes ineffective for the issues people faced. For example, oxidising ammonia requires a different amount of chlorine bleach than eliminating mould.

Now you can select options from three drop-down menus that best describe your situation and the amount of chlorine bleach you need to use will be automatically calculated for you. It is as simple as that!

• choose the problem/application
• choose the chlorine bleach you have (% of sodium hypochlorite is listed on the label)
• choose a method to use- a bucket, a Top Loader or a Front Loader washing machine

Use the glossary and description guide to see what option to choose, it contains some photos to compare to and as time goes on we will add more.

If you haven’t become a website subscriber yet, now is the time to do it because this information is a game-changer and is going to make your life so much easier!