Warranty Information

Australia has consumer guarantees that are separate from a warranty that a retailer or manufacture may offer. As long as a consumer is using an item for the purpose that was intended, in a reasonable manner and time frame, they are covered by these guarantees.

Using laundry products in the way they were intended and following instructions provided, won’t damage nappies. Misuse will damage nappies eg. Using undiluted bleach on any nappy parts, or putting PUL shells or AIO nappies in a 95⁰C cycle, will delaminate the PUL and destroy elastic.

Second hand nappies are not covered by Australian consumer guarantees.

If there are issues with nappies purchased new, first contact the retailer or manufacture. In most situations the situation can be resolved with the business.

CCNDU advice is not intended to replace reasonable manufacturers recommendations, especially if they already alight with CCNDU suggestions, and shouldn’t be used as justification for warranty claims.

See the ACCC website for more information