Warranties, consumer rights and guarantees for cloth nappies

Our speciality is washing nappies, not consumer law. If you have an issue with a product the best point of contact is the retailer or manufacturer.

Australia, along with many other countries, has consumer guarantees that are separate from retailers’ or manufacturers’ warranties. As long as a consumer is using an item for the purpose that was intended, in a reasonable manner and time frame, they are covered by these guarantees.

The basic rights covered by consumer guarantees can’t be taken away by anything a business says or does… Warranties are extra promises that a business can choose to make on top of the consumer guarantees.

Consumer rights and guarantees, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Our advice

Our washing advice is not intended to replace reasonable businesses’ recommendations, especially if they already align with our suggestions.

Using laundry products in the way they were intended will not damage nappies. Misuse will damage nappies, for example using undiluted bleach on any nappy parts, or putting PUL shells or AIO nappies in a 95ºC cycle.

Please note, our advice should not be used as justification for warranty claims (refer to our terms of service for more information).

Private sales

Private sales, such as second-hand nappies, are not covered by Australian consumer guarantees.

Resolving issues

It is often helpful to write an email to the business explaining your particular problem. Keep your correspondence objective and include a clear outcome. The ACCC complaint letter tool is a useful place to start. In most instances, the situation can be resolved directly with the business.

If you are not satisfied with the response your next step is to seek advice from your local consumer protection agency. Australian states and territories have their own consumer protection agency that can act on behalf of you, the consumer. Each of these agencies provides advice on how to resolve issues before progressing to a formal complaint.

Australian consumer protection agencies

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