Persil Bio Laundry Powder

  • Powder
  • Enzymes

Performs best in:

  • Soft water
  • Medium water
  • Hard water

Suitable for most water hardness, significant amount required to work well in harder water.
≥40°C Warm/ hot
Start with the heavily soiled amount for your machine size and water hardness. Increase as needed

Clean Cloth Nappies review

Admin conditions: Front Loader washing machine, water hardness- 90ppm mg/L, heavily soiled laundry

Fragrance: Moderate in strength

Stain removal power: Great – Good. The detergent required some additional stain removal methods.

Value for money: Good – Ok

UK powder detergents often include a significant amount of water softener because of how varied the water quality throughout the UK is. In some parts of the UK the water can be very hard, 300ppm/ mg/L + in many areas. Because of this a lot of detergent is needed (and/or the addition of water softeners such as sodium carbonate, or laundry booster/ stain remover powders).

For water quality- 90ppm mg/L the amount required was reasonable. For harder water, a lot more detergent would be needed. In this situation, it would be more economical to include sodium carbonate, a laundry booster/ stain remover or some cheaper detergent, in addition to Persil.

Dosage used

Whites and nappies:
Prewash: 50g = 70ml
Main wash: 150g = 175ml, increase or decrease as required.
If you are still experiencing stains, add a stain remover. Either laundry booster/ stain remover powder or chlorine bleach as per the Chlorine Bleach calculator to the cycle.

Darks and colours:

Final assessment

I would definitely use this again. Overall the stain removal ability was good, I added 30ml of laundry booster because of food stains such as tomato and strawberry which are difficult to remove without additional stain removal assistance. Any remaining food stains after the wash were then removed using the Chlorine Bleach calculator.

To be noted: Some admin have had success with this detergent in the past, and some have not.

Additional information

Review scale

  • Fragrance strength scale: None, Mild, Moderate, Strong
  • Stain removal power scale: Great, Good, Ok, Bad, The Worst
  • Value for money scale: Great, Good, Ok, Bad, The Worst

Parent company: Unilever

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