Clean Cloth Nappies has changed the way I deal with my washing, beyond nappies.

On the nappy front: I purchased a full stash of second hand newborn cloth nappies, total ~ $300. After using the bleach sanitise table I was confident they were safe to use on my baby. That alone saved me well over $2000 on brand new nappies!

Beyond nappies: I have sanitised 3 incredibly dirty/mouldy second hand prams, saving well over $4000 on those (if buying new!)

My general washing has never been cleaner, I can confidently tackle any stain with ease.

Eloise – cloth nappy user of two years.

Honestly, my whole attitude to laundry has changed (except folding, screw folding 😂😬). I can get stains out of all the things. It’s saved me so many tears, both adult and children.

My dark shirts no longer have the warm BO smell which has been a huge confidence booster all around.

Ayla – website subscriber, cloth user for three years

Clean Cloth Nappies taught me so much more than how to wash nappies. I feel much more confident when any clothing/linen gets stained. Bad stains no longer mean something is destined for the rags pile, or worse the bin. Now when something gets stained, I know I can get it clean again and give it a longer life. It’s better for the environment and better for my wallet.

Russell – website subscriber, father of a 3yo who was in cloth from birth to toilet training.

Clean Cloth Nappies has helped me in many ways. All of my washing, nappies and otherwise, are now cleaner than ever!

I’ve saved mouldy clothes and toys, sanitised second hand nappies to make them safe for my baby and feel confident that I can use a range of stain removal methods when any stains pop up in our laundry.

Lana – website subscriber and cloth parent for one year.

Clean Cloth Nappies has made washing so much easier. I don’t have to worry about empyting the washing machine as soon as it’s finished, my clothes *never* smell no matter how long I leave them. As a busy mum of two sometimes things fall behind and it’s nice to know that the worst thing that can happen if I leave a basket of washing for a day before I dry it is a crinkle here or there.

When I learned effective and efficient wash techniques for nappies and applied them to my clothes I had stains that had been there for years disappear. It’s saved me money because when I pulled out my older kid’s clothes to use for the younger kid the vast majority were stain free and in great condition.

It even makes me a better, more present parent. When my kids make big messes in their clothes (like when my son ate spaghetti in a restaurant and completely covered himself in spaghetti sauce) I was able to laugh at how cute he was because I wasn’t stressed about whether I could get the stains out.


Clean Cloth Nappies has helped me understand the basic principles of washing. I can get stains out without scrubbing or soaking. Everything comes out clean, even when my budget has been extremely stretched and I’ve had to use subpar laundry detergent.

Renee – cloth user for over six years.

Clean Cloth Nappies gave me the confidence to sanitise second hand nappies knowing they were clean and safe for my baby. I have also used the information to treat mouldy fabric. I love that it isn’t just about cloth nappies it is about saving fabric from landfill.

I’ve massively upped my laundry game. The website gave me the tools to rid clothes of dreaded banana stains that defeated me with my eldest. I don’t stress when my eldest comes home with his white school top covered in mud or my toddler is covered in food. My machine is sparkling and I don’t worry if I can’t immediately remove washing from the machine.

Tricia, website subscriber, mum of two and cloth user (nappies and period products) for two years.

I have a beautiful 5 wk old baby boy, am new to cloth nappies amd wanted to share my win this week.

Early on in my pregnancy I decided that I would use cloth nappies and researched for hours and hours and hours. I found Clean Cloth Nappies group and have learnt soooooo much from all of the wonderful admins and group members.

I started my cloth nappy journey this week and yesterday I completed my first main wash. Great success! I am very pleased with myself and am so thankful for this wonderfully supportive group 👍👍💜💜💙💙