Designer Bums Cloth Nappy

At a glance:

  • Snap closure
  • Has pocket
  • Removable absorbency

Trim OSFM (3.5-15kg). Two tri-layer bamboo inserts lined with vegan suede. Exclusive prints. LOSFM and newborn sizes available.

Brand: Designer Bums

Absorbency: High

  • Snap closure
  • OSFM
  • pocket
  • removable absorbency
  • single gusset

RRP: AU$36.95 (as at )

Location: Headquartered in Australia, manufactured in China

Member reviews

A fantastic product made of high-quality materials. These nappies have lasted 6 years washed in 60°C water and have been sanitised as required, using the appropriate option from Clean Cloth Nappies Chlorine bleach calculator. The prints are beautiful!

Don’t use the pocket! Instead, snap in the smaller insert and lay the larger one on top, bamboo side up. This saves the elastics from being stretched unnecessarily and prevents leaks.