Bubblebubs Candie

At a glance:

  • Snap closure
  • Removable absorbency

Side snap OSFM (3kg – 15kg). Two bamboo inserts lined with suede cloth, one snap in tri fold and one additional insert.

Brand: Bubblebubs

Absorbency: High

  • Snap closure
  • OSFM
  • removable absorbency
  • single gusset

RRP: AU$36.95 (as at )

Location: Headquartered in Australia, manufactured in China

Member reviews

This side snapping nappy works best on slightly older or bigger babies/children. There are no snaps to adjust the front rise (length at the front of the nappy), instead it has snaps around the waist which adjust the waist and legs.

It is a unique design made from quality fabrics and is very absorbent.