How many nappies have you prevented going into landfill?

Use our calculator to figure out how many nappies you’ve saved from landfill and the amount of money you would have spent on disposables!

Nappies saved calculator

How long have you used cloth nappies for each child?

Your savings

Amazing! You’ve saved a total of 6,023 nappies saved from landfill.

Amount you would have spent on disposables:

  • $1,385 on supermarket brand nappies
  • $1,987 on premium brand nappies
  • $5,480 on plant-based nappies
Cost calculated from Choice, disposable nappy reviews (June 2022). More information

Two billion disposable nappies go into landfill every year in Australia. It takes three times more energy, 20 times more raw materials and two times more water to make a disposable nappy compared to a reusable one.

Even after taking into account the materials and energy used to make them initially, the energy, water and detergent required to wash them, and their final, inevitable endpoint in landfill, reusable nappies are still by far the better option when it comes to environmental sustainability as well as financial savings.

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