Wash Routine Basics (UK)

Creating a great wash routine is easy 1. Detergent choiceChoose a quality detergent, using suggested quantities, as recommended in our UK Detergent Index, for larger machines add a little extra. Calculate the correct amount for your prewash cycle and main wash cycle.See the UK Detergent Dosing Information page. 2. Remove and rinse soilingThis can be done all at once … Continue reading Wash Routine Basics (UK)

Front Loader Wash Routine

Front loaders use less water, have longer cycles than traditional top loaders and most heat their own water.

How to dry Modern Cloth Nappies

Use the highest spin speed on your washing machine (1200-1400rpm) to remove maximum water during the wash cycle and require less drying time.

Wash Routine Basics

Run a daily prewash cycle on subsequent days and complete a main wash when there is enough nappies/laundry to fill a main load.