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Ammonia in nappies causes redness, burns, discomfort and pain. It will also degrade nappy fabrics such as bamboo, hemp, cotton.

Excess suds in Front Loaders

Overview Excess suds in main wash prevent friction, this cushions the items and prevents them from getting clean. Excess suds in a pre wash cycle isn’t an issue The main causes of excess suds are inadequate loading, incorrect detergent type for water quality and excess surfactant for the amount of soiling. Excess suds checklist loading … Continue reading Excess suds in Front Loaders

Why Am I Getting Stains?

Sometimes stains happen, they’re annoying, but there are methods that you can use to prevent them from occurring, or treat them to get rid of them.

Adding Absorbency

If more absorbency is needed, here are some options. Cotton flats, prefolds, muslin cloth, trifolds, tea towels, face washes. These are cheap, easy to wash and dry quickly. Bamboo or hemp inserts and trifolds, these absorb a lot. Microfiber inserts. These are like sponges, liquid will absorb but it will start seeping out once compressed. Microfiber … Continue reading Adding Absorbency

Cloth nappies on a budget

Overview There are two main reasons why people choose to use cloth; for environmental or economic factors. Using cloth nappies can save families thousands of dollars. These savings can go towards living expenses, a holiday or a special purchase. For one child, if the alternative was using average costing disposables, a family would save between $2500-$1300. For … Continue reading Cloth nappies on a budget

Degradation of Fabrics

Ammonia, bacteria (stains and smells), fungi (mould), sun exposure and the use of acids, bases and undiluted bleaches can damage nappies.