Using essential oils with cloth wipes

Essential oils are sometimes used by people in their water solution for their homemade cloth wipes. We do not recommend this practice, as the potential for misuse and inadvertent injury is high. Injuries from essential oils are very common and can be very serious, especially in children.

Using essential oils is not recommended except under the supervision of a person with significant formal education and experience in the area, from a qualified, recognised and reputable institution. Many essential oils are not recommended to be used at all around or on infants and children.

The published evidence on essential oils is sparse, as complementary therapies are less frequently studied in reputable research. There are clinical studies to support a few of the recommended uses; however, these studies are generally poorly designed, uncontrolled and unconvincing.

Essential oils sold as cosmetic products are not regulated in the same way as medicines. This, combined with the lack of quality research, means there is little reliable data on safety and efficacy. There is no way to conclusively know safe dosages, especially for pregnant or breastfeeding women, children and infants.
The area is extensive and requires constant research and significant time, we cannot apply the time required to provide safe recommendations in this area.