Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine bleach (standard household bleach) can remove minor stains, major stains, oxidise ammonia and sanitise against certain pathogens.


Separate fact from fiction and learn what use vinegar has with cloth nappy laundry.

Ammonia and cloth nappies

Ammonia in nappies causes redness, burns, discomfort and pain. It will also degrade nappy fabrics such as bamboo, hemp, cotton.

Excess suds in Front Loaders

Overview Suds are bubbles or froth normally produced during a wash cycle. Excess suds in the main wash however prevent…

Caring for wool covers

Wool covers are amazing, versatile items and only require periodic washes. Wool covers can be used over any fitted nappy during day or night.

How to remove mould

Chlorine bleach and 90/95°C degree front loader machine cycles remove mould. It is possible to remove mould spores and stains caused by mould