Safe Chlorine Bleach Use

Chlorine bleach contains sodium hypochlorite, which oxidises ammonia.

When following the sanitisation methods listed on the Strip and Sanitise pages and the Mould and Fungal treatment information, bleach is completely safe to use, as it is diluted and completely washed out of fabrics post treatment.

Ensure there is adequate ventilation, use gloves and prevent exposing solution to skin or inhaling concentrated bleach.

If the user has an allergy to bleach or is asthmatic and chlorine triggers asthma, don’t use it.

Bleach cannot be mixed with ammonia, or ammonia based cleaners as it creates dangerous fumes. Urine contains urea, which converts to ammonia, but as listed in the sanitisation methods nappies are clean prior to treatment, fumes are not formed as a result of this minimal remaining  ammonia being submerged in liquid, however that minimal ammonia remaining in fabrics is enough to cause redness, rash and irritation.

Bleach is not detrimental to fabrics if instructions are followed. Bleach treatments should only be used when completely necessary, ie. for sanitisation, if a child has a fungal infection or if nappies have mould on them.

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