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The Annual and Quarterly digital subscriptions provide unlimited access to all subscriber-only website pages:

We want it to be easy to use cloth nappies. We developed the Clean Cloth Nappies Sanitise™ methods to help you remove stains and smells from cloth nappies and diapers using minimal effort, resources and money.

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Clean Cloth Nappies Membership (Quarterly) $15.00 every 3 Months. Select
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Removing mould from textiles $10.00 every 2 Months. Select

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Removing mould from textiles access

The Removing mould from textiles digital subscription is for people who do not need our full suite of subscriber-only website pages. It provides unlimited access to the following subscriber-only website page:

Mould can be effectively and safely removed from textiles using chlorine bleach or high heat. Salvaging mouldy items prevents landfill and saves money.

Stain removal with chlorine bleach

Chlorine bleach oxidises and removes certain stains easily. The Clean Cloth Nappies™ Sanitise information and tables provide the correct quantities to use. Why do you need the correct quantities? So that the process actually works and you don’t damage your laundry.