Best Eco Detergents

Best Eco detergents

 Here are our top 3 plant based detergents for Australia and New Zealand! 

 OMO/Persil Eco Active liquid is fragranced and is suitable for both soft and hard water.
 ecostore powder is fragranced and is suitable for harder water.
 Rockin’ Green Platinum powder is low fragrance, low suds and works in soft water.

 OMO/Persil Eco Active and ecostore powder are available from supermarkets in Australia and New Zealand. 
 Rockin’ Green Platinum is available from Baby BeeHinds online.

CCNDU and Baby BeeHinds have teamed up to give members the opportunity to win some Rockin’ Green Platinum!

Enter via this link, and ensure you meet all the T&C’s in order to win…/photos/a.10610…/10156625153874266

See the Detergent Index for more info on quantities, and the plant based detergent page for information on how to make them work for you (hint use 60°C water and a booster).

 If you would like to try OMO/Persil Eco Active or ecostore, but don’t want to be left with a detergent you don’t like the fragrance of, contact Unilever and ecostore and request a sample!